We have a new product!


We are proud to introduce the Viro-Pak range, which is environmentally friendly, produced from 100% recycled tough and durable Polypropylene right here
in Australia.

Our Viro-Pak Bin is a storage container that is ideal for storing accessories in your van, office, warehouse, home and garage.


1Our plastic Viro-Pak Bin storage systems come in three sizes that will keep you organised. Keeping all your small pieces like bolts, bits, small tools and other supplies organised and readily on hand. Even better, with your small pieces safely stored, you won’t have to worry about frustrating worktop roll off.
These hard-wearing containers are both stackable and w3all mountable, making them perfect for keeping your work area or your home tidy. They are also interchangeable with our Stor-Pak, Mesh-Pak and louvre panels. 

They are the ultimate practical storage system whilst also being environmentally friendly.

Check out our website for more details or call (03) 9548 0977


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