Mesh Pak – Your Dust Free Storage Solution


Our Mesh-Pak Range is a plastic container that is ideal for medical storage.

Due to their smart design Mesh-Pak Bins don’t collect dust, making it a sterile stock storage solution, perfect for medical facilities.

Fischer’s Mesh-Pak Bins are rust-proof, thus improving the lifetime of your purchase, but it will also keep your staff protected from the infection dangersffff of rust.

This range has been specifically designed with the needs of medical facilities in mind. Hospitals around Australia have already setup the range and are utilizing all that this range has to offer.

Our Mesh-Pak storage components are easy to remove and wash from the wall. They are wipeable for those times when you don’t have time to send the component to a washer, and have a  solid and impermeable surfaces so that moisture cannot penetrate the interior of the Mesh-Pak. They are  now available in four sizes due to the recent inclusion of the Mesh-Pak 10, helping to accommodate small as well as bulky items.

patient-bay-storage-meshpak-bins-1The Mesh Pak range is available in 3 colours (Blue, Clear and White) to enable colour coding for more efficient warehousing and stock handling.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you to get more organised in your medical facility or warehouse, work, office or home.

Check out our website for more details or call (03) 9548 0977


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