New Year New Storage

Storage solutions and cleaning up around your house, garage or warehouse is important, and the New Year is a great time to get organised.

Have you considered adding to your already existing storage or maybe freshening things up with some new storage solutions?

Having proper and efficient storage solutions can make a big difference to productivity and should not be overlooked.

Here are three products that can help you get organised!

Combo Storage Trolley

1h-100-1Storage and organisation go hand in hand, so why not try a new storage solution to help arrange your home, garage or warehouse.

The Combo Storage Trolley is one of our newest Fischer Plastics Products. The Combo Storage Trolley is complete with 28 Stor-Pak bins and labels. The front of the Stor-Pak bins are angled, which provides you with easy picking access.

This new addition to the Fischer range is perfect for any storage needs in the studio or workshop.

The Trolley is double sided and has two lockable castors, making it easy to take what you need to your workspace.

Caddy Tray

caddy-groupOur versatile ‘Caddy’ carry tray is ideal for storing cleaning, gardening and workshop supplies.

Furthermore, because it is made of 100% Virgin Food & Medical grade material it can also be used to store medical and hospitality supplies.

The Caddy Tray has a useful handle, which makes it easy to carry around and take wherever you need. The design makes it trouble-free to see and access whatever you choose to store in your Caddy Tray.

Clear Storage Boxes 

Our Fischer Plastics Storage Boxes are the ideal solution for storing all your smaller ‘bits and pieces’ in your home, office, warehouse, van or garage. IMG_5319.JPGWe have 17 different sized Clear Storage Boxes and a number of compartments to suit all of your organising needs

Simply choose the size and number of compartments that suit your needs and start getting things organised!

For example, you can keep your arts and crafts organised in our range of Storage Boxes. Fischer Plastics Clear Storage Containers are perfect as a sewing kit, and ensures that all your sewing supplies are organised so that everything is easy to find and use.

Another great use for our Storage Boxes are for holding smaller items such as jewelry. Our Clear Storage Boxes can help you to keep smaller pieces sorted and separate so they are always easy to find and use.

They are the perfect storage solution to help you get organised in the New Year.


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