Spring is Almost Here!


The weather is starting to get warmer, the daffodils are out and it’s almost Spring!

This time of year is great for doing a big clean and getting things organised before the Christmas shenanigans begin.

Have you thought about how you are going to freshen things up this season?

Taking a day to go through your home, clean and declutter your life can have great outcomes for your  mind and productivity.

Here are five quick tips on what you could do in your spring clean:

  1. stylewars (2)Go through your wardrobe and put all of the clothes that you haven’t worn this year into a bag. If at the end of the month you didn’t take them out give them to charity.
  2. You don’t always have to buy an entirely new storage solution, instead you can add to what you already have. For example our spare parts trays are the perfect add-on. They are strong, durable and can be used in shelving or on their own.
  3. Put your doona outside to give it a bit of air out and a freshen up.
  4. Give your blinds and light shades a dust with a damp sponge. 5This will get rid of any excess dust.
  5. Keeping things organised can be hard, especially those little bits and bobs. That is why our clear storage boxes are so great! Choose the size and amount of compartments that suit your needs and start getting things organised!


Do you love a good Spring clean? Let us know if you have any of your own tips.

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Find out more about our storage solutions at:  www.fischerplastics.com.au 


Why we are proud and choose to manufacture in Australia.

The trend continues Australian companies are moving off shore to manufacture overseas in Asia, primarily due to cost and profit margins. Lets be honest we have a high standard of living in Australia, this ensures a minimum wage that enables every worker to live comfortably and support their family. The tag-lines attached with Australian manufacturing are excruciating labour and running costs and this mean’s that your profit margins are a lot smaller than the cost of manufacturing in Asia.

Although as this continues to unravel, our determination increases for our company Fischer Plastic Products to stay 100% Australian Made and Owned. Not only do we manufacture locally but we continue to support trade skills of toolmakers by producing and making our dies (moulds) on site and using local suppliers and products wherever we can.

Thus instead of looking at the negative’s of Manufacturing in Australia we want to outline the positives and the reason why we are proud to be an Australian manufacturer. Below is our companies ethos and why we feel as country we should try to support our local employers and manufactures:

  1. We are proud to support local families – We make tools & dies, manufacture, warehouse and sell plastic products all in Australia. Thus this enables us to employ local Australians from all different backgrounds, with local families, who pay local taxes. These people are your neighbours, your friends and your families. Its simple we all gain from Australian Made goods!
  2.  We are proud to support the local economy – Every dollar spent by us is primarily spent in the local economy from electricity, buildings, to buying supplies from local businesses. We try to source feasible Australian options when purchasing everything thus continuing to stimulate small Australian businesses and support fellow business operators.
  3. We give back more to the Local Community- being based in Australia allows us to take on and train Australian citizens that are unable to get jobs else where due to skill sets, these are the jobs that are moving overseas. We also are able to support local groups in their endeavours, running scouts nights that educate groups on how factories work, to providing giveaways for local not for profit’s.
  4. We provide and can guarantee safe, healthy and happy workplace – Due to our fantastic OH&S legislation in Australia. Every employee is safe and secure when working in our manufacturing facilities, they are provided with fantastic facilities and are able live comfortably off the wage they earn. Hence when you buy from overseas, we dont know the type of conditions that their employees are exposed to – just look at the recent events in the Bangladesh factory.
  5. Quality Control – We manufacture here on our doorstep Australia, we know and can prove what is going into our products. We can vouch 100% for the quality of our products. With every claim we make, we can support it because its made on site, we see it, we don’t have to wait for it to arrive before knowing what the order will hold.

When you go to the store look twice, does the label say MADE IN AUSTRALIA? If you are able why not now make the conscious effort to buy Australian Made? Why not continue to support our country in building skills and employment for every citizen?

Remember every dollar you spend on an Australian Made and Owned product reaches a lot further than just the amount spent in the store! It reaches you – the Australian citizen, the beneficiary of the Australian tax dollar!

If you would like to find out more about our company or our locally manufactured goods, please go to our website http://www.fischerplastics.com.au

If you don’t know what products are Australian Made and Owned, Ausbuy can unlock the mystery:  http://www.ausbuy.com.au/

Fischer Plastic Products factory and offices located in Melbourne, Australia.

Fischer Plastic Products factory and offices located in Melbourne, Australia.